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"Absolutely great school. The knowledge you gain from the instructor is knowledge to take with you for the rest of your life. Best investment to oneself you can make. Very animated and interactive classes to keep you engaged and excited to learn more. I'm thankful to have been a student and very appreciative. Definitely recommended!"

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Delia for three years. Mr. Delis was the Orlando Division Commander for a private security company. That private security company had been contracted to supplement our hotel security staff daily and special events. Mr. Delia was the direct supervisor of his teams of officers. Mr. Delia would also conduct post-inspections and meet with myself and/or my team to ensure all hotel policies and procedures were adhered to. Since that time, I have seen Mr. Delia monthly at the Orange County Sheriff’s office intelligence briefings. I wish Mr. Delia the best of success with his new security company, Praetorian Services. Mr. Delia is a true professional."

"It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Praetorian Services. I have known Mr. Joseph Delia for four years. Major Delia has personally provided security services to Mt. Zion during our association, and he has attended many church activities. He always demonstrated professionalism and a commitment to excellence. His presence and professionalism has always allowed my congregation to feel safe. I highly recommend his firm and I can assure you that if you hire Praetorian Services as a security firm your expectations will be exceeded."

"This letter confirms that I, Andy Persaud have personally known Mr. Joe Delia for the last four years. As a cultural and religious organization, we hold fundraisers and other functions in which the general public is invited. We therefore require to provide security for these events. For the last four years, Mr. Delia has provided security services at our temple and at other venues. In fact, Mr. Delia even volunteers his time to help out at our Holiday events. Mr. Delia is a true professional, dependable and trust worthy and it has always been a pleasure to do business with him. As director and priest of the above-named organization, I have no hesitation in vouching for his upstanding character and would certainly recommend him for any endeavor."

"Eddy's Security Training School is well worth the financial investment! Todd's expertise and knowledge is profound. I received excellent instruction and preparation for mastery in the field. I highly recommend this security training school!"

"If you are looking for a rush rush course and or training, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE Eddy's Security Training. Mr. Eddy has an immense amount of experience and he is going to make sure you understand the necessary procedures to stay ALIVE out in the field. In his class I was reminded that we never stop learning. My prior experience as a PI, Bail enforcement and Security was definitely tested. I loved the fact that Mr. Eddy is passionate, looks after his students and likes to teach.
Thank you for your knowledge Mr. Eddy. You will see me again for future classes!!"

Madeline Ramos


“Such an amazing, professional, dedicated, and responsible company. Thank you for your services, we appreciate you so much. We want to keep you forever!”




“Praetorian Services is definitely the best company I have worked for in the security field. They let you do your job without the micromanaging style that most companies have. Praetorian equips its officers with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed at your job. I confidently say that Praetorian is an excellent choice for anyone seeking employment in the security industry.”


Jonathan Serrano


“I have worked for Praetorian Services for little over a month and I’m amazed on how they run this business and treat their staff. Hands down one of the best companies I’ve ever worked for. They make sure we have everything we need and more, so we can do the best job possible. I would definitely recommend Praetorian Services to anyone looking to work security.”

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