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Security Services Inquiry 

Scope of Services 

A document which outlines the purpose and objectives for the security officers who will be monitoring your property. The scope of services can include daily tasks that need to be executed as well. 

Site-Specific Survey 

A survey is conducted to evaluate and observe a property to find areas of concern and liabilities and to learn about the environment of said property. 

To start the security services process, please choose one of the following methods below, then contact us.

Phone Consultation 


A simple, brief 15-minute call with our Security Director to see if Praetorian Services can handle your security needs. Major Delia can guide you to the best route to receive a breakdown of pricing for your property. 

After the call, you can choose:

  • In-person meeting with site-specific survey

  • If the scope of services is provided, you can go straight to the bid proposal request 

  • Presentation 

Blind Bid Proposal 

The same as bid proposal, except the company name will be redacted. This information being redacted will eliminate bias when choosing a security company amongst a group of co-workers, board, or committee members. 


Presentation are usually requested for properties with boards or committees but can be done for any property. This includes a one-on-one experience where you have the opportunity to ask any questions or raise concerns. 

Meeting with a site-specific survey 

A scheduled meeting at a client's site that will last about 45 minutes. Once the meeting commences, our Security Director will conduct a site-specific survey on the same day. A general tour or map of your property would be helpful for our Security Director. 

After the survey is complete and Praetorian Services management discusses the findings, we will provide you with a bid proposal. If you agree to the bid proposal, a service agreement will be forwarded.

Bid Proposal

Bids will include our strengths and background. In addition, it will include what we offer with the price and the price breakdown per day, week, month, and year. Paid holidays and state taxes will be in the totals. 

If you have already outlined the scope of services, conducted a site-specific survey, or need a bid to present to a board, this is the option for you.

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